On 24 March, Young European Movement Edinburgh and the European Movement in Scotland invite you to gather to show the media, the government, and those who tell us to “get over it” that Brexit is not wanted and we will not be silenced. We are and always will be European. Come lend your support for a vision of a Europe future – we can still have it. We can stop Brexit.

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The last year and a half have been in complete shambles. Whatever way you voted in the referendum, this is not what was wanted. The government is ignoring the voices of those (now the majority) who are vehemently opposed to leaving the EU. 2016 was the year of the vote. 2017 was the year of stitching up the wound. 2018 will not be the year of passively accepting what the Minority Government has decided.

There is no good Brexit. We are already feeling the Brexit squeeze, and Britain is becoming less ‘Great’ by the day. Brexit has brought out the nasty side in our neighbours and is already making us poorer, more divided and neglectful of the underlying problems of our society. Many things we have so long taken for granted are now under threat because of Brexit and it’s time to call it off and go back to normal.

We need to show up and explicitly demonstrate that the anti-Brexit and pro-European sentiment is still strong in Scotland. This is our future at stake. This issue is far too big to be ignored or neglected. We need to do everything possible to show that we still care, and we are still here – protesting and ready to vote.

Our Speakers:

  • Tanja Bueltmann – Professor of History
  • Madeleina Kay – EU Supergirl
  • Mike Galsworthy – Scientists For EU
  • David Martin – MEP, Labour
  • Joanna Cherry – QC MP, SNP
  • Struan Stevenson – Former MEP, Conservative
  • Patrick Harvie – MSP, Green
  • Jack Caldwell – Scottish Young Liberals
  • Sing For Europe Choir

The march will take place in central Edinburgh at 14:00 from St Giles’ Cathedral to the Scottish Parliament. There will be speeches and music, stay tuned for updates. Come join us if you do not want to just sit there while the government is taking opportunities and freedoms away from you and your children.

RSVP on Facebook or Eventbrite to help us keep track of numbers. And share this event with all your friends! Together we can #StopBrexit

For more information, the Facebook event page can be found by tapping or clicking here.